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Values & Mission

Our work is based on values which meet the highest professional standards. Putting the client first is the most important part of our consulting agency. We go so far to put our client's interest first that we only accept a client if our consultants are sure to provide solutions to his problems. The client can end the consulting relationship at any time if he thinks our services are no longer useful.


We are characterised not by innovative and new products but by innovative consulting and perfect customer service!

Value for society:

The goal and mission is to contribute to social equity and to create common values.

INVESTcon consultants allow even the smallest customers to benefit from the advantages of independent and professional financial advice. This brings much responsibility with it and should always be considered in the preparation of concepts.

Successful entrepreneurs:

Each of our consultants works best as an independent entrepreneur. We create jobs and social prosperity and thus, can return something to society.


Customer service and satisfaction are core principles of our company, quality and reputation depend largely on it.

Too much customer service does not exist, a satisfied client is the best advertising!


INVESTcon is an independent Austrian financial consulting company.

Distinguished from companies with a typical distribution structure and different when it comes to training, quality and independence, we understand that we are solely committed to the client and not to a product partner!


Many ways lead to INVESTcon: there are possibilities to start any time and with each education level, because all our positions and practices are compatible to the particular situation of the new employees.

You also have the opportunity to specialize from the very beginning. Most new consultants begin as generalists, but there are two centres of excellence, where you can apply directly to be trained for permanent position: in our Business Office, which is the interface between management and consultants and our Operations Sector, which specializes in processing, quality control and training.

In addition, we offer our employees an attractive income, above average benefits and a performance bonus. Also, we reward our trainees, of course. So: How do you start?

INVESTcon offers you:

  • Above-average income - Read more ...

    Above-average income


    INVESTcon has developed itself in a few years from a small team to one of Austria´s leading Financial Consulting Companies. A successful story which could only be written if customer expectations are exceeded again and again.

    Also, you will not be able to grow if every day you do what you already can but only if you expand your ranges. If you are ready to work with the most demanding customers. If you want together to develop the solutions that move something and do not compare yourself with strong personalities on the highest level. This is the reason why you are eager to grow more at INVESTcon. Not only for our clients but also for yourself in your career and income!

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    Extraordinary career chances

    Discover what is possible

    Understand your time at INVESTcon not as a common challenge but as your journey. As our scope does not have any limits, there are always opportunities to develop your own skills in order to meet external demands.

    We search for talent that is flexible and seeks to constantly improve. The more your education differs, the better it is. The more your ideas vary, the more interesting it is. Every employee is a new source of energy and motivation for us. Therefore, we propose different opportunities to develop you both professionally and personally. With our help and by yourself. In management or as a specialist. As a candidate or up to a partner.

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    Protection of the family

    Human beings are the center of our company

    INVESTcon is aware of its responsibility as an employer. INVESTcon searches for the best employees and has high quality jobs with above-average incomes. A transparent and manageable personnel structure with clearly defined responsibilities, sustainable job goals, good salaries and educational opportunities for interns and advanced training programs. This makes INVESTcon an extraordinarily attractive employer.

    People can only provide excellent performance at work if everything at home is going well. That is why INVESTcon has different options to protect families of committed employees who qualify for Fellowship-Program.

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    Sound Education up to MBA

    Our offer

    As a leader within the company, you get a clearly defined task area in which to you make decisions on your own. In this way you are challenged every day. So you are able to develop yourself with the help and support of innovative people.

    We offer you a comprehensive training program that lasts several months during which we prepare you for your future leading position in the best way and if you have good results you can complete a part-time MBA Program.

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    A successful Team

    Team Spirit

    The history of INVESTcon is a history of a partnership, from the very beginning. Our understanding of Teamwork has made us a leading investment company of Austria that is independent from banks. We believe that together we reach more because we support each other. In this way, we can create more solutions. And we can increase the benefits of competition where there was a task only.

    If the best idea counts, it is not important if it comes from a partner or a practitioner. Together we can make it even better and develop a strategy from it which includes all areas of action. So every single person is a source of the collective success and the team and clients profit equally from it.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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Your career opportunities

As an “Experienced Hire”, you can develop your skills on a strategic level and in a highly stimulating work environment. You will be involved in key decisions at an international level and thus, determine the orientation of our company over the long term.

From your first day, you will work with your team mainly on-site with clients and jointly solve complex strategic tasks - from analysis to implementation. Knowledge Building and Management also play a major role in your daily work.

If you join INVESTcon, you receive a custom made offer. From senior consultants up, everything is possible - crucial are your experiences, strengths and preferences. In any way, with growing power and responsibility, you will have the opportunity to become a partner and shareholder of INVESTcon.

  • Your career determines our growth - Read more ...

    Your career determines our growth




    Plan your career with us! How quickly and what career moves you make depends on your skills and, of course, on your wishes. With us there are no fixed career paths because we rely on individual personnel development. Thus, we give you the opportunity to progress on your own. If you are excellent in your field and also develop your skills continuously, there are no limits for your career at INVESTcon.

    Where your strengths are, you know best. Therefore, at INVESTcon you can choose which division you want to pursue: financial consulting, management, financing, etc. - decide yourself! If your focus has shifted in the course of your carrier, you can change the area as well.

    A dynamically growing company providing services requires the timely identification and promotion of young leaders. Our personnel development concept is to fill management positions primarily from its own ranks. Thus, we give a lot of attention to the development of social and leadership skills in addition to the assembling of technical know-how. You have the necessary skills, we provide the finishing touch.

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    Ongoing Dialogue

    ONGOING DIALOGUE between manager and employee

    How fast and in what direction your career develops at INVESTCon depends entirely on your performance. So that you know, how your career is going, you will conduct regular performance reviews with your manager. You get feedback on your performance and progress. Together with your manager you continuously discuss how your strengths can be used best and what support you need.

    What do we expect from you now? The commitment to lifelong learning and growth of your abilities.

    And what can you expect from us?
    We offer a wide range of education and training opportunities both on the job and off the job!

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    No one can know everything. Neither a university education, nor many years of professional experience are sufficient. And the financial industry is always evolving which makes ongoing training necessary. Therefore, attending seminars and trade events is standard for us. In particular, we also encourage internal dialogue and the sharing of expertise and know-how in different fields. In our academy, our partners and consultants provide practical knowledge to the interested colleagues. External training seminars and individual training complete your development.

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    So check who joins forever


    Many of our employees got their first professional experience with INVESTcon during their training at a university or a college. We offer students the opportunity to get a feeling of the world and consultants - to gain experience.

    For the great tasks and challenges of the financial world, we need people with a high level of independence, outstanding commitment and great motivation.

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